Thursday, February 03, 2005

MK Yesterday

Went to MK with my friend Jamie yesterday. I've got a Hidden Mickey update-

The so-called Hidden Winnie the Pooh on the Space Mountain exit. Jamie pointed it out. Its the outline of the rear cave in the first display. Pretty shaky if you ask me.

Haunted Mansion- Ok, theres the one on the picture frame in the foyer, we all know that one. And there's the unofficial one made up of the plates on the ballroom table. But get this- In the attic, directly across from the Bride, three pans are hanging from a support beam to form a perfect Hidden Mickey. Ok, and I've finally spotted the elusive Grim Reaper Hidden Mickey. He's in the graveyard, all of about three feet to the right of where I've been looking. He's holding up a rag with a HM on it. It's actually pretty obvious once you see it.

Splash Mountain- Apparently, the cave opening at the top of the big climb forms a right-looking Mickey. I guess. It's close enough that it was probably intentional, but it really isn't to good.
Also, I spotted the "FSU!" gopher for the first time. I thought he was just a myth.

Oh yeah, and am I the only guy that never saw the wild boars that have chased a treecat up a cactus and the old guy in the bath tub on Big Thunder?? I think I was always looking left to the flooded buildings.

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