Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Day Off

Well, today is a day off, and rather than doing the things I really need to do, like laundry and grocery shopping, I'm going to Animal Kingdom. Then MGM later for the light spectacle thingy. I can do these things tommorrow. Its my weekend.
My new list is almost done, I'm just waiting to hear back from SOMEONE on something (Dad check your e-mail)
It's kinda funny to hear people complaining like crazy about the "cold" down here. It's like 45 sometimes. But its usually sunny and comfortable. I won't be going to Blizzard Beach anytime soon, but I'm pretty fine.
Got my company christmas present yesterday. Its one of those clear plastic blocks with a Tinkerbell etched inside. Theres a 5x7 picture frame attached. Also a coupon for a free picture from one of those strolling park photographers.
Oh yeah, and for you pin traders, an EXCLUSIVE "I survived the huricanes" cast pin. Of course I havent survived more than a brisk breeze since I've been down here, but oh well.

P.S. Dad if youre going to be a smart ass about my lists you wont get any more lists.

P.S.S. Check your e-mail!

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