Thursday, August 25, 2005


Kravins is watching a battle unfold on the Inilukai continent and trying to make sense of the conflict. He can't figure out exactly who is supposed to be fighting who. Something about the Soldiers Guild, a splinter faction, non-payment of taxes, a murdered heir and a masterless army. In any case the two (?) sides have killed over 10,000 of each other, though his host assures him this is just a minor flare-up. On the battlefield the ohtani is deployed, a tight-knit formation of heavily armored riders on short powerful horses. Riding together at top speed they simply crash into enemey fortifications and like human catapults. Once they have done their job, Kravins host Seurobon declares the campaign won and invites Kravins back to his tent for dinner. There he informs kravins that a message arrived for him. It turns out to be from the King calling him back to court. Kravins is crushed and lies, saying it says he can stay in Inalos as long as he wants. Seurobon smiles and tells him he recieved a letter with it, telling him what the message really says and also asking him to send Kravins on his way back.
Seurobon promises to put him on the first ship to the Grange. He also asks a favor of him. His son Sebon has always wanted to visit foriegn lands, so he asks Kravins to take him with. He figures King Marcus owes him some hospitality. He also wants Kravins to tutor his son in various subjects while they are away.
A week later Kravins is on a dock waiting to board his ship. A young man approaches and introduces himself as Sebon Nrocht. Kravins is glum about going back, but Sebon can't contain his excitement.

Chapter 4- Back at the Riverfort, Gubbs is working at his regular job in the wheelwright shop. Gubbs is torn over wether he should tell someone about what he saw. Rudger and Tobbin searched the shoreline but didn't find anyone. Everyone at the fort thinks Joss' first mate deserted and was involved in the murder. Gubbs doesn't know what happened to the chest with the body. He is summoned to meet with the fort commandant. Gubbs is terrified at having to tell his story. He resolves to truthfully answer any question asked of him, but otherwise keep his mouth shut on the affair for now. Rather than ask about the incident the commandant asks Gubbs about his ambitions at the Riverfort. Gubbs admits he wants to be knighted someday. Commandant Augden Holl tells him that the wheelwright at Boilstone (a mountain has its own backstory) has died. If Gubbs finishes out his ten years stint there, returns to the Riverfort for another ten, then squires for five years he could be knighted. Gubbs is horrified byt the prospect of going to Boilstone but is intrigued by the idea of knighthood and command of his own ship. He asks for time to think about it. Augden politely tells him that he doesn't actually have a choice in the matter, and that he should get ready to leave. Outside Gubbs sees Rudger staring at him knowingly.



Had my first visit with my new doctor today. Now that I've got health insurance again I can do that kind of thing.
About the only thing of note is that I weigh 235 pounds. So I think I've gained about ten pounds since I came back from Florida.
Otherwise, I'm sure Gwen will be glad to know those moles on my back are nothing.

Oh yeah. My computer is just fine and yes, I put my office chair together awhile ago. You probably just didn't know Gwen, since I haven't thrown out the box.

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