Friday, April 01, 2005

Like Joe Cocker said...

Lonely days are gone...I'm comin' home.

I basically have two job offers waiting for me. So I've talked about it with Gwen, and after a lot of thought conisderation about the near future...I've decided to come home. My tentative plans right now are to leave Monday morning. I've got to take care of some stuff, say goodbye to my friends etc. I just got back from work where I said goodbye to everyone (almos everyone...Kieu wasn't working and I will be most put out if I don't get a picture with her) and got pictures with them.
I'll post more about this later, including my thoughts on leaving and details about cutting my program short. I'm sure you will all have a lot of questions and I'll try to answer them soon.
Take care.


Blogger is having issues today. Not sure if this will go through. If you didn't see my latest job news post... well nothing big yet. I've got a phone interview Tuesday which sounds like it may be the last step. I'll post more when blogger is being less finicky.

Job news

I have an interview with the exec chef at TI on Tuesday. Sounds like this would probably be the final step.
Yeah, I can leave pretty much any time I want now. I've already spoken with my chefs about it. Besides I'm already graduated, so I'm done with my externship.
The exec chef at the Kahler should be getting back to me soon. He said he would have something for me, but it would likely be part time to start. It's something to consider.


Terrible Terry Tiffee sent down to minors??? How can I watch Twins games when I get home??? Seriously Jesse, I might mock Punty but Tiffee (Tiffy?) is the king. I wanted to go to a spring training game just to get his autograph.

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