Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Post You've All Been Waiting For

Ok, Ok, it took me a little while to get clearance to post this.

Monday evening Gwen got home from work and I anxiously told her that "some guy I went to school with" worked in the kitchen at a really nice restaurat in the cities, and we should go try, but we HAD TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW. Tipoff number one- This is not the kind of thing I normally suggest.
So we get in my car and haul ass up to the city to make our six thirty reservation, the whole time Gwen wondering why the heck I'm so nervous about making it on time, and also why I keep digging in my pocket. Well, we missed a turn and I really started freaking which was probably another tipoff. But we eventually found the place. Tipoff number three- I ask Gwen to "wait outside a minute" (I couldn't even think of a good reason why) and go in to enquire as to where the hell the horse drawn carriage I'd rented was. On the way they say! So I suggest to Gwen we sit at the bar and have a drink before dinner, tipoff number four. Eventually the carriage company calls my phone to say they are running late and are on their way. Relieved I head to bathroom, during which time one of the waitresses, I later found out, casually says to Gwen So, going on a carriage ride tonight!" Ultimate tipoff.
Anyway, it finally shows up and we get on board (not before someone tried to hire it away...Bastard! I put a deposit on that!) The driver mentions he can stop on the bridge and take a picture of us with our camera. I am forced to admit I forgot the camera. About this time the nerves were seriously kicking in and my arms were going all tingly.
We get to the middle of the bridge, where we would have taken the picture and stop. I turn to Gwen, thinking of all my carefully rehearsed lines....and blank. I manage to stammer out the important stuff, then attempt to kneel in front of her while STILL INSIDE the carriage. Despite the fact that my hands have gone totally numb I manage to dig the ring out and jam it on her finger before she actually says yes.

Which she did.

So we finished the tour, went back to the restaurant, had a nice dinner, informed the parentals and headed home. I am vastly relieved to have gotten the ring back from the engraver on time, and also that it didn't rain. Gwen seemed to have liked my proposal method, which she described as "cute". And now we're FINALLY officialy engaged. November '06 it looks like. More details to follow.


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