Tuesday, May 10, 2005

And this

Speaking of Belmont, you can add another entry to the Big List o' Things That Terrify The Dog-
Plastic Bags
Hair Dryers
Electric Razors (and nose hair trimmers)
Vaccum Cleaners
Frankenstein Masks
Sour Candy Drops
Gwen had some little bottle of sour cand juice that her dad had gotten her from the junk room at work (not actually a place where junk is kept, long story) And I was trying some. I gave several drops to Belmont because he kept pestering me. Well I thought he liked it because he smacked his lips for about five minutes afterwards. But the next time I tried to give him some he ran away and hid. Now I keep the bottle on the end table for those times he won't get off the bed.

Thwump, Thwump, Thwump

Thats the sound of Belmont hunting a fly. He likes to corner them by the bedroom window. He'll get his paws up on the ledge and scoot up and down the line chasing after one. However, his mouth isn't really shaped for, you know, picking it up. So all he can really do is repeatedly drive his face into the window. It's ok. The dog does not feel pain.

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