Thursday, March 23, 2006

Top Chef Ep 3

-Brian was doomed from the beginning of the episode when they showed him leering over the girls asses while Dave looked on disapprovingly. See, he's a bad guy now.

-I'm almost having a hard time believing anybody could be as douchebaggy ( that a word?) as Stephen, but there you go. "Everything I did was spot-on!" Yeah except when you dropped that pan full of food on the floor. I think that maybe he just tries to act as pretetnious and toolish as possible to distract people from the fact that two eels appear to be fighting on his mouth.

-I wonder if Tiffany is normally such an annoying, condescending bitch, or if she was just acting like that because she had immunity. I do hope she sticks around long enough to give Stephen the beatdown he so richly deserves. And what the hell was up with Harold talking about how he was bothered by Stephens bullying of Candace then just standing there and watching it? Maybe they're setting up for a future episode where Harold slips the business end of a paring knife into Stephens ribcage.

-On this show, eliminations hinge on things unlike anyother reality show. "Who overcooked the carrots?" "Why didn't you stop him from overcooking the carrots?"

-I'm pulling for Harold as of now.

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