Monday, January 10, 2005

Ack, stop touching me!

It's move in day, so theres a ton of new Cp kids all over the place. I'm trying to work in the computer lab, and everyone keeps walking behind me and bumping me.
I'm told that yesterday was the last busy day of work we will have for awhile. There was a marathon in town and lots of the people were staying at PO. We were at 100 percent this weekend, we might fall back down to 50.

Oh, man I can't believe it. My best friend Pete Orluck is coming to town this weekend. He's on vacation with his dad, just gonna be playing some golf. But I'm off the days he'll be here, so we'll get to hang out. I'm pretty keyed over it.

Thanks Indianapolis!

Wow, I really know alot about football.
Here are my next round picks.
Phi over MIN (Sorry I don't think I can ever back the vikings)
Atl over Stl
Ind over NE
Pit over NY

Atl over Phi
Pit over Ind

Pit over Atl

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