Monday, May 01, 2006

Baseball Notes

-For probably the first time in my life, I was basically ashamed to be a Twins fan. Over the weekend they were swept by the Tigers, the freakin' Tigers, getting outscored 33-1 in the process. And Ruben Sierra got hurt and went on the DL to top it off. 33-1. Jesus, could this have been the worst weekend in the history of this franchise?

As fond as I tend to grow of Twins players and personnel, I'm starting to wonder if maybe Ron Gardenhire and his coaching staff just aren't maybe a bit to blame. You can't help but notice David Ortiz blowing up in Boston once he was away from hitting coach Scotty Ulger.

Ah, I see the Mariners are now up 8-2. That would put the four day stretch at 41-3. Mull that one over for awhile.

- I could normally never, ever root for the Yankees, but I've found an exception. As obnoxious as Yankees fans are, Red Sox fans are ridiculously insufferable. Now that they can't act like the universe revolves around their suffering over the fact that their team has suffered some occasional bad luck, they've moved on to some other crap to piss me off. They've fulfilled the statistical probability and actually won a championship, so the new sport is assailing Johnny Damon. Yeah, he went to the hated Yankees blah blah blah, no one gives a crap. Without him the Red Sox never won that championship, throw the bastard a parade ok? I'm so over this Yankees/Red Sox crap.

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