Thursday, April 06, 2006

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- Firstly, the food show. It was a pretty good time. I ate a rather ridiculous amount of samples of deep fried pork appetizers and little cheesecakes. I mean, it was a basketball arena filled with vendor booths, all offering various blobs of aretry haredening goodness on toothpicks. Plus, I think I came home with some soup base samples. My chef came home with rather more than that.

-I know it's officialy spring now because I've seen Brad Radke give up a first inning home run. Man, I was starting to go into withdrawl after not seeing him put the Twins in an immediate 3-0 hole for all these months.
It was nice to see the Twins come back with 13 unanswered runs though.

- Ok, TV junk. I really should be too proud to admit to watching American Idol, but there you go. I guess this is what happens when I have every evening off.
Deal or No Deal on NBC has definitly lost some of its shine (do they LOOK for the most irritating contestants available?) but it was pretty funny last night seeing the one guy's winnings being shown on the screen: "$44,000...and a pony".
I don't really feel all that much like writing about Top Chef because honestly, that show just isn't that interesting. I mean, I'm actually hoping Stephen doesn't get eliminated because his douchebag side comments are the most involving part of the program. Ok, the Fat-Ass Snackmaster challenge was pretty funny, but that was apparently made up just by the contestants for fun. Most of the challenges thus far have really been pretty boring. "Make a fruit plate!" Zzzzz....
Things might pick up next week, when they have to cater a dinner party for one of the guys from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (No, not the one casting dierectos call when the script requires a someone the audience will instantly know is gay, the one with glasses). Whatever, it sure makes me wish Ken had been allowed to stick around longer.

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