Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Traffic Tuesdays

I meant to post this earlier but the Blogger server is down. I see we've already set a record today for most hits in a single day. For some reason Tuesdays seem to be my best days. Well, hopefully we can get a few more before the day is out. Thanks to everyone who's visited! Whatever number today ends up at, I'll have to try and break it next Tuesday!

The updated lyrics

I think you're right Dad. It's time for a new verse for Pirates of the caribbean. Let's see...

"Yo ho, yo ho a pirates life for me
We pillage and plunder, we'll burn your estates
Drink up me hearties yo ho
We'll refinance your mortgage at record low rates
Drink up me hearties yo ho
We come in the night to rob ya and stab ya
Drink up me hearties yo ho
We have the lowest prices on herbal Viagra
Drink up me hearties yo ho
Yo ho, yo ho
Rolexes for twenty dollars!!!

Well, maybe.

Baseball Thingy

This is the spot for the All-Time Baseball Teams Thing that YF and I are working on. Discussion of any relevant issues will, I guess, go here.


I've gotten two job offers so far today! One I've had to decline because it didn't pay enough. I'm currently investigating another one, at Treasure Island. I'll keep you posted!

Ok, lets see

Well, Dad, since you don't recognize most of those names, let's see how well I do. I consider myself something of a political junkie, but even I have no clue who alot of these folks are. Alright, pay attention.

Rudy Giuliani (I imagine you know him, former mayor of NYC) Newt Gingrich (Former senate majority leader, now writes civil war books) John Sunnunu (Former CEO of..ummm..GM maybe...senator from somewhere now) Jack Kemp (Bob Doles running mate in 96) Rick Sanatorum (Senator from Pennsylvania, most religous guy in Congress) Christie Todd Whitman (Former head of the EPA) Dennis Hastert (Speaker of the House) Mitt Romney (Governor of Massachusets, saved the Salt Lake City Olympics) Dan Quayle (Former Vice Prez) Tom Ridge (Former governor of Pennsylvania and head of Homeland Security) George Pataki (Uhh, I think he used to be governor of New York. Or maybe he still is. I'm trying to do this without Google) John McCain (senator from Arizona, Teddy Roosevelt wannabe) Tom Tancredo (representative from Colorado, leading advocate of immigration reform) Rush Limbaugh (Radio guy, I'm sure you know him..) Bill O'Reilly (He's got that show..) Norm Coleman (One of our senators of Minnesota) John Thune (Senator from South Dakota, knocked Tom Daschle out of congress) Tommy Franks (Retired General, commanded Afghanistan and Iraq wars) Haley Barbour (Oh man, I should know...nuts, the internet is down again, no Google to the rescue) Chuck Hagel (Senator from nebraska, flake) marc Racicot (Former head of the RNC, governor of New Mexico) Arnold Schwarzanegger (Governor of California..of course) Pat Buchanan (Dinosaur, drummed out of the Republican party) Bill Frist (Senate Majority Leader) Sean Hannity (Radio show host) Joe Scarbourough (Former congressman, tv show host) Elizabeth Dole (Senator from....Virginia? Bob Doles wife) Colin Powell (Former secretary of state, among other things) John Ashcroft (former attorney general) Tommy Thompson (Head of health and human services) Jeb Bush (Governor of florida, George Ws brother) Condaleeza Rice (Sec. of State) Steve Forbes (Billionaire in a balloon) Sam Brownback (Senator from Kansas) Bill Owens (governor of Colorado) Tim Pawlenty (Governor of Minnesota) J.C. Watts (former congressman from Oklahoma)
Huh. 35 I knew, 27 I didn't. I guess that's not too bad. I don't know who George Allen is and he's a 2 seed. Time to hit the books I guess.

My personal pick would be a Romney-Rice ticket. I doubt I'll get what I want though.

This just in

George Allen is a senator from Virginia. Haley Barbour is governor of Missisipi. That is all.


My room mate Matt tells me that Lord of The Rings works fine on his PS2, so don't worry! Soon further updates on my video gaming will be shortly forthcoming!
I have the next two days of, so in addition to playing lots of time wasting video games, I need to return to trying to find a job. I have alot of hope for getting something at the Kahler, but I need to research other possibilities too.

Oh yeah, check out the updated Pirates post below. I guess.

That Baseball Thing

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