Monday, July 11, 2005

UPDATE: I forgot to mention: I worked the boat again yesterday. I don't remember if I mentioned this before but one of the duties is drivng the catering truck back and forth to the docks. Well, I've never driven a truck before, but no big deal. Except on the way back, I have to back it up into the loading docks. I am... not so good at this. Last week when I got out of the truck to see how close I was I realized that not only was I about 20 feet off to the side, I wasn't even in the channel. Somewhat embarassing.
Ah, but yesterday I got it exactly right on my first try. So hurray for Ben.

Gwen and I were out and about yesterday and we stopped into Barnes and Noble for a little while. On our way out Gwen stopped to use the restroom which is located in the kids section. I was kind of wandering around when a rack of Shel Silverstein books caught my eye. And right there was, yes...the Giving Tree. I just couldn't help it. It took me maybe a minute to blow through it and Gwen returned just it time to see me furitively sticking it back on the shelf. "You're gonna start crying!" she scolded. "I can't help it!" I wail, slapping my hands on my face "The tree just gives so much!"

Well, no I didn't actually start crying but come on. You'd have to be some kind of puppy killer or something to not be touched by that book.

Really, why murder Lois when you can take her back in time and force her to scrub floors for a couple of harpies?
Supes seems very amused by all this. "Tee hee! She sleeps in a barn!"

The End of An Era

Ever since, oh what was it, the late '90s? it's been a strange point of pride for that I had never heard MmBop by Hanson. I know, weird thing to be proud of, but stay with me. Back when it was apparently constantly on the radio, I couldn't help but notice that I had never actually heard it. I dont think I even heard snippets of it on the radio in passing. Eventually, I guess, it faded from the playlists and I pretty much forgot about this unusual phenomonon. At least until it would somehow come up in daily life...which it rarely did. Like, I don't know someone would mention it on TV. Then I would get to turn to the person sitting next to me and smugly say "You know, I've never heard that song." And the person would get all wide eyed and say "Really?" And thats how my fascinating life went for several years.
Until Saturday, on my drive to work, I tuned into 104.1 FM and some song I wasn't familiar with came on. It didn't take me long to realize it could only be one song...or at least thats what I figured from the frequent repetition of Mmmbop!
It occured to me to change the channel, but no, that would be cheating. I avoided the song honestly for all these years, I couldn't cop out. Ok MmBop. You beat me. The song is somewhat catchy, probably less so if you've heard it 60,000 times.

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