Wednesday, March 01, 2006


- Be quiet please....Gwen has been sick lately.

- Since Gwen has been sick we laid in bed all night Monday watching TV. So we watched a couple of shows I might not have otherwise. First, NBC's much hyped game show "Deal or No Deal". I'd say it was modestly entertaining but I doubt it will have too much staying power, especially if NBC does like ABC did with "Millionaire" and shoves it down peoples throats four nights a week. I gotta admit, the tension of the first episode was just a little bit killed by the unintentional hilarity of the first contestant, a SWAT cop from Vegas. Now, if I had to pick someone who's occupation made them predisposed to being cool and collected under pressure, I would think SWAT cop would probably be right up there at the top of the list. This guy however, alternated wildy between gushing "Oh God, oh God, the pressure!" in between whooping excitedly like a young Michael Jackson. Really, if you had asked me what this guys occupation was, I might have said SWAT cop after about, oh 200 guesses after say, interior deisgner or fashionista. But hey, he is a cop and and he won 359,000 bucks, so that's nice.

- Also watched The Apprentice, which I've never seen before. It was kinda fun, and unlike most reality shows, I don't really care if the jerk ends up winning. This time the jerk being Tarek, who tries to throw one of his teammates under the bus for....well, doing the job he was asked to do. I can actually see myself following this show. Assuming Tarek is humiliated at some point.

_It looks like I've been knocked from perch on the Freshy Freshington ranking. So let me just say Freshy Freshington! Freshy Freshington! Freshy Freshington!

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