Sunday, July 17, 2005

Oh yes, an addendum to my previous post on whats pissing me off. If I see one more commercial with Sean Penn and George Clooney lecturing me about poverty I'm gonna lose it. You're not asking for my money? No, just for the Federal Government to write out more huge foreign aid checks to be completely wasted. Which I assume they will pay for by going out and shaking their magic money tree. No, wait...they'll pay for it through taxes....taxes from people like me....SCREW YOU SEAN PENN, YOU ARE ASKING FOR MY MONEY!!!!
I gurantee the average parishoner gives a greater percentage of their income to charity than any of the Hollywood airheads on those commercials. Argh, now I'm all worked up.

Is Louie Anderson more famous than Mike Nelson?

I ask because if so, than Louie Anderson will supplant Mike as the most famous person I have ever met.
He did a show at Treasure Island this weekend and beforehand came in to eat at Tradewinds. All th other cooks rushed out to shake hands with him and offer to bring him stuff (really). I didn't go over. I figured I would say something dumb like "Louie Anderson! I'm a big fan of yours!" When really, I can't even think of one thing I've ever seen him in. Wasn't he host of Hollywood Squares? Well, I've never seen that either.

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