Saturday, November 27, 2004

Happy ReThanksgiving!

I'm typing this from my friend Ambers apartment where a bunch of us college program folks are getting together for our Thnaksgiving meal. Might not get a chance to update tommorrow so everyone take care!

I actually miss TV

The internet is being eye-tearingly-out slow today (eye-tearingly-out!) so I want to keep it brief, in case this never actually gets out.
Because of my work schedule I don't get to see My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss anymore, which sucks because that show was hillarious. I have been able to watch the Rebel Billionaire, which I like more than most reality TV shows. The Amazing Race was on the other day, but I can't stand to watch it after they rejected me and dad.
Also, since Sportscenter is one of the few things on when I get home from work, I find I am suddenly much more knowledgable on Peyton Manning and NBA brawls.

Second day of work

Well, I worked back of the house prep today, which was sometimes cool, but then again not really so much always, no.
Ahmed, the guy who was supposed to be training me, would really only give me direction when a chef was around, at which point he would spring into action and direct the hell out of me. When a chef wasn't around he would just kinda do his own thing. So I did alot of STUFF, but had no real knowledge of what or why I was doing it. I just jumped around from one thing to another, about every fifteen minutes.
So it was cool though. I got to do alot of stuff, and the woman who I'm workign with today said she would try to actually, you know, work on training me. So its good.

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