Sunday, January 09, 2005

And now this

Well, my picks are already shot to hell. Thanks to last second failures by SD and Seattle, I have now been revealed to be truly ignorant about football.
Instead, enjot this list Dad sent me. (my comments in bold)

"Best Things To Do At A Disney Park When Other Than Main Attractions"
I'll kind of break it down by park, I think that will make it simpler.
Magic Kingdom (MK)
Here's the deal: For God's sake, let yourself be a kid. Disney characters are everywhere in this park. They will interact with any age group. They're fun to take pictures with. The're fun to talk to, or pantomime with, or whatever they do. Some of my funniest Disney memories are with characters. I realize they are just college kids who are most likely thinking, "Why is this old guy bothering me?", but hey, I paid my admission. Some of my friends are in the entertainment division, so now I'm gonna ask if Cinderella is weirded out by the single, grey haired guy who wants to pose with her.
Honorable mention. Shopping. You can't blink your eyes in this park without bumping into another park-exclusive gift shop. Penny presses too.
Epcot (E)
This is really two parks. In the world showcase it's the street performers. You could easily spend a good part of your day trying to catch all the acts that are taking place right out in the street. Some of them are pretty good too. Where else can you be made a fool of by a statue?
In Future World I'm going to go with the Garden Grill. Fairly good food that you can stuff yourself with while taking pictures with several characters and searching for hidden Mickeys at the same time. This is closed right now. They might be replacing it.
Honorable mention. Kids will love the many fountains in the park where they can get themselves soaking wet. Something they could never do at home under a sprinkler for free.
The truth is, this park is a little tricky. I found myself kind of searching for things to do here when I was by myself. But, I don't think I'd be cheating if I said the Animation Studio Tour thing. It's not really an attraction....really. It is one of my favorite things to do in the park, though. Always interesting, and the animation voice-over machines are a hoot. I didn't know about that. I'll have to look in to it next time.
Honorable mention: Along the same lines, the Walt Disney Story....or I think it's actually called The Man and His Magic...or One Man's Magic is Another Man's Poison....or something. Anyway, it's basically a museum, which is not what most people go to Disney World for, but it's really very cool. Is there at least a picture of Roy in there? More later on the continuous slighting of Roy.
Animal Kingdom (AK)
In truth, I've spent very little time in this park. I do know that I could spend a lot of time here just checking out the details in the decor. The Tree of Life is the best example. I need to have some time to search for animal carvings.
Honorable mention: Speaking of searching. For some reason, AK seems to have more Hidden Mickeys per square foot than any other park. Not that I've seen them personally, but I've been told.
Actually, Hidden Mickey searching is a great way to waste time anywhere at Disney World. I had some pictures of hidden mickeys. Till my camrea crashed.
Preview of "Great Things Not To Do While At Disney World":
I can't recomend sitting in the shallow end of the bay at Typhoon Lagoon letting the big waves wash over you. It sounds great, but if the waves are not ripping your swimsuit off, they're dragging you across the sandpaper bottom removing your epidermus. And I don't even know how to spell epidermus! Going to Blizzard beach later this month. Just saying.

Ok, that was all Dad. Anyone else wants to post one, just e-mail it to me.

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