Monday, August 22, 2005

Bookblogging IV

I'm not gonna do up the rest of the characters. It's probably not that important here. I'm going to start recapping the story as I have it now. Then you can see where I'm jammed up.

Prolouge- Captain Joss Whykk of the river patrol boat Spillwater has been murdered by a crossbowmen on shore. Fellow captains Rudger Ironclaw and Glinn Jeggert argue about whether to search the shoreline or return to the Riverfort. Tumbledown Tobbin arrives with reinforcements. He and Rudger eventually agree to search while Jiggert returns to report. Below deck Gubbs sees Rudger stuff something in a trunk, then wipe off his knife. After hiding for two hours he opens the trunk to discover the body of Whykks first mate.

Chapter 1- Tristram Pugg is watching the great Harvestcall Tourney at Hammerhall. Even though he is an underlord to the Sledges he has horrible seats. His friend and fellow Ward Lord, Leyland Shibe, hits him up for a loan so he can bribe Lord Sledge for more favorable mining rights on his land. Tristram declines pointing out his own quarries are dried up and he had to sell it to he Amnons (organized crime syndicate). He's invested all his money in a local shipyard. Lord Sledges dullard son Galbort is winning one obviously rigged tilt after another. Tristram is suddenly summoned to meet with Lord Sledge. There he is informed that his shipyard holdings have mysteriously burned down. But the King has ordered the royal court to reconvene for the first time in thirty years and Lord Sledge will forgive Tristrams owed taxes and tributes if he goes to Aldegrange and represents Hammerhall. Tristram gratefully agrees.

Chapter 2- Siomyn is overseeing the packing up of wagon train. He is leaving his home to journey to court. He figures its about time he meets the king, who was his fathers best friend. He argues with his wife, Mara, about wether or not he should go. When he asks where their son Jarrest is, she reveals she sent him north to Stonegate to squire. He is furious because she knew he wanted Jarrest to come with. Storming off, he bumps into his bodyguard Jonn (he has a tendency to wander off) and after some discussion decide to send a ranger north to fetch Jarrest back and meet up with them on the road. Siomyn tries to leave but his sister-in law Ollivya catches him first. She asks him to send Crios home if Siomyn sees him. Crios left the day after their wedding a year ago to ride in tourneys, and hasn't been home since. Siomyn also agrees to buy some new pipes for her untalented musician brother Duncan. Jonn returns having sent someone north and they leave.

Thats it for now. I've sketched out he first 15 chapters, but now I'm a little stuck. I'll do more chapters later.

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