Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Oh yeah, this one too

John Mellencamps "The Authority Song"

"I find the four leaf clover always wins"


I feel a little better today. I talked with Gwen and it sounds like we shouldn't have any problem working out her visiting in March. Plus, I got to spend some time working with Chappy last night. We discussed techniques for working the grill, and staying organized in the kitchen. Then we whipped up a hot wing sauce which was really good. I'll have to make it when I get home. He's from Buffalo so he takes hot sauces seriously. I will be going into French Quarter thursday on my day off to work with him some more.
It sounds like Belmont has grown really protective of Gwen. He'll bark at her room mate if Gwen is lying in bed and she walks by, or if one of her friends comes over. Did that sentence make sense? Whatever, I'm not changing it.

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