Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Freshington Report

Sorry about the rare updates these days folks. Just haven't had the time to get to the library. Plus you all know my feelings about that place. It's annoying because I always think I have alot to say, but when I actually sit down, I only have the time to talk about a couple of things. And the wrist strength. These stupid keyboards give me carpal tunnel in about five minutes, I swear.

-Wedding: Due to confusion we did not have our cake meeting. It will be on Wednesday. Also we will be checking out photgraphers. And, Gwen has bought her dress, which I will of course not get to see for about a year. So, good progress.

-Todays library annoyance is a guy sitting at a nearby table loudly clearing his throat literally every twenty seconds. Also, the entire lower floor of the library smells like B.O. because they let the drunks nap in the reading chairs down there. So inbetween them and their luggage strewn about, you can't find a place to sit and read either. The complaints board is filled with letters from people upset about this, and the librarys predicatble, mealy-mouthed we-cant-do-anything responses.

-Ow. My wrists.

I really wanted to talk about the upcoming world baseball classic, which I'm quite excited about. But the guy who just sat down next to me smells like the only shower he's taken in the last week involved pouring coffee over himself. I'm nauseous, I'm leaving.

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