Friday, October 28, 2005


Here's todays round of random notes-

-I'm still trying to choke down the idea of White Sox as World Champions. I mean, I know it was statistically probable that they would have to win some time, did it really have to be about three years after I really started hating them? What really galls me is that they did it the way we normally win- good-to-great all around pitching, tight defense and timely if unspectacular hitting. Except they just took it further then we did lately. Oh well. At least this ought to put some real pressure on the Cubs to win. For once.

-Belmont continues his habit of eating wholly inappropriate objects. Last night we came home to find he'd gotten into the pantry and eaten several red potatoes out of the bag. Potatoes which he then spent the rest of the night throwing up. By the end I had gotten pretty good at jumping out of bed and catching it with an old copy of the Mayo Clinic Newsletter. Nonetheless, things have gotten too bad, and we've decided to once again keep him in his doggy jail when we're both gone. As I told him "Free house access is a privilege, not a right!" I'm such an adult now.

-Speaking of being an adult, we're officialy homeowners now. We bought Halloween candy for the local urchins! Mini Baby Ruths, Madagascar Gummies and Spongebob Gummie Krabby Patties. If we run out, we plan to retreat to the basement and hide.

-Stay tuned for updates on my studies for converting to Polish Catholicism. Sample:
Gwen: Name the seven sacraments...
Me: Sloth, lust, pride...uhhh...rage.....

Well, I'm getting better.

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