Sunday, February 20, 2005

A brief HM report

I swung by Epcot really briefly last night on the way to do... something else. Which I didn't end up doing anyway. But I caught a few HMs while I was there. Here they are-

Spaceship Earth:
Where- On the page in front of the sleeping monk.
Intentional? I think so. It almost looks like it has faded and spread over time.
How good? Ok, I guess. It's barely more than a smudge really.

Where- On the table of the first guy mixing paint in the Renaissance scene.
Intentional- Absolutely. Three rings of white paint form a perfect HM.
How Good- Pretty good. It's not easy to see, as you have to sort of turn as you go by. But its there.

Where- On the tip board outside Innoventions
Intentional- Yeah. Every now and then the board shows a "Welcome to Epcot" sign. The 'o' in Epcot is a spinning earth, and Australia is a clear HM.
How Good- Really good. One of my favorites so far actually. I spent almost ten minutes trying unsuccesfully so snap a picture of it.

Uh I think thats all I got. I might be at Magic Kingdom Tuesday so I'll let you know if I get anymore.

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