Friday, November 19, 2004

Another computer

How hilarious is this? I'm at the Disney computer lab, and as usual is insanely slow. So the attendant lady announces that she is going to restart the server. Apparently they have to do this several times a day. I wonder if the thing runs on diesel. Anyway, now its operating at just aboive maddening levels.
Well, this sucks, I'm really bored and lonely, and the few people I have met aren't around or won't call me back. Sigh.

Yes, I am alive

Okay, okay, I'm here. It's been a hectic few days. I'm finally getting to a computer I can post on. There are only a few computers at Vista Way and they are soooooooooo slow, I can't even access this web site.

Anyway, things are well with me I guess. I just survived some major drama with my job. I was told originally that I would be working at Boatwrights, but then yesterday after Disney orientation the woman from Port Orleans told me I would be working in the Food Court! I was SERIOUSLY pissed off, Dad heard all my venting. Anyway I went over there today and tracked down the people in charge and talked to them (nicely) and the deal is that everything runs from one kitchen and everyone gets rotated around. Okay, that's better.

Otherwise, I've used my free admission to MK, Epcot and MGM so far. We did Stitchs great Escape the day after it opened. It was pretty good, alot like Alien Encounter. The Stitch figure is amazing though. We also did Mission Space at Epcot, and it SUCKED. Basically you feel sick and push a couple of flashing buttons. Weeee. I also rode Rockn Roller Coaster for the first time. This was right after I found out about the whole food court thing. I'll have to ride it again when I'm not pissed off at Disney.

Well, I can't type too long. I had to go to an Internet cafe and they charge five bucks for half a freakin hour. I gotta find somewhere I can actually post regularly. OK, take care everyone.

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