Monday, January 24, 2005

Dinosaur: Yea or Nay?

So now that I've ridden Dinosaur at AK a few times, I'm trying to decide if it warrants top ten inclusion. (During one ride today it stopped in between the two big scare moments, then stalled again at the very end when your back in the lab in the pitch dark)
Heres the pros and cons-
Cons- Its SHORT. I've just gotten comfortable in my seat and the ride is over.
A few cheesey effects. Some of the meteors are really fakey looking, oh and Mister Non- Swooping "Incoming" Pteronadon? I'm looking in your direction.
You have to sit through another of those intolerable pre-ride videos. (Bonus, at one point in the video, the guys head and the video screen behind him make a great hidden Mickey)

It's scary as hell. Really, the little kids scream like crazy and, knowing whats coming, I still get a rush during the last thirty seconds.
Those animatronics are NICE. Especially the T-rex or whatever that runs after you.

I dunno, what do you think?

Back to AK

Well, it was cold...for Florida, so I nearly had Animal Kingdom to myself. I got there early, and wow, if it wasn't for the Limeys, Brazilians and locals, I'd have been alone.
My friend Katherine is a jeep driver on the safari, so I asked to wait for her vehicle. It was a good tour, I got a ton of pictures, even a few good ones. Some wildebeests were standing right next to our jeep at one point, but I couldn't get a clear shot. The weather was cool so alot of animals were out. Lots of gazelles and the like. And of course I had to laugh at the poacher bit. Thats just a new tradition. I think I need to somehow combine all the unintentionaly hillarious things at Disney World into one neat package.
"Well, what do you want me to do? Land a plane on their heads?"
(Hand to forehead)"Waitaminute. I love that idea."

I did see a pretty cool thing after the trip too. There is a wildlife trail outside of the ride you can check out. The first thing you'll see is this sorta waterfall area. While I was there, this big gorilla walked down with a couple of old blankets over his shoulder. He crawled down to this little cave by the river and (after spending a couple minutes picking nits out of his armpit) spread one blanket on the ground, pulled the other one over top of himself and laid down to take a nap. Who knew gorillas had discovered bedding?
All in all a good day at the park.

Hooray for me

Talked with Gwen yesterday, and my diploma came in the mail. Yay, I have a degree.
Gonna go to Animal King... I mean AK and take pictures.

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