Friday, August 26, 2005

Weekend Fun

Gwens paerents got us tickets to a Brewers game at Miller Park this Sunday. Now, obviously, I don't care about the Brewers, but Miller Park is supposed to be a great place to see a game. And it will bring the number of major league parks I've been to to a whjopping total of five. I'd like to double that by the time I turn 30.
I think we'll also be staying the night in Milwaukee and just kinda making a mini-vacation of it. It'll be nice to get away for a couple days.


Funny Belmont Habit #189- The Indignant Sigh.
I always get one of these before I come to bed. Belmont tends to just lay wherever he wants to, usually sprawled out across my pillow. So if for example I want to lay in bed, or we want to sit on the couch Belmont is very likely to already be there. After we push him out of the way, he'll kind of wander off, then go lay somewhere else like the love seat. Give it ten seconds or so and.... Hummmmph. He'll be looking right at us as he does it, even gets his lips flapping. As if to say "Fine. I didn't want to sit there anyway."

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