Saturday, March 19, 2005

Big Mac

I don't know if anyone saw the steroid hearings on TV. Frankly I can't think of any good reason for Congress to be getting involved in this, other than it gives some congressmen a chance to look good by attacking a "safe" issue. But it was on TV the other day when I was in the computer lab and got to see part of it. All the sportswriters are going on about how damaged Mark McGwires reputation is now, and how all the fans are viewing him with scorn. Really? Project much?
So, McGwire probably used steroids. Which kind of sucks as he is one of very few pro atheletes I actually admired. Well, whatver. I guess I'm disillusioned or something. For like, the 109th time.

Paying for laundry blows

Of course back home we pay for the electricity for our washer and dryer so I guess we still are paying, but you know.
Instead I have to feed dollars into a machine to put money on a card to put the card in the washing machine to do my laundry. I'm thinking about laaundry today, namely how I have to do some.

By the way

I'm told by Gwen that Rochester got about 15 inces of snow as of 5 last night. And its been snowing since. And the weather here is perfect. Although last night while driving home there were literally about 15-20 emergency vehicles stopped all over the road. There were enough to account for a 20 car pile-up, but I didn't see any signs of accidents. Odd. There are always emergency vehicles out on the highway. Either confused tourists (I have seen people backing up down the highway to get back to an exit) or 20 year olds in the Camaro there mommy and daddy bought them. I try to stay off the orads as much as possible.

Oh yeah, and if I had killed one more spider last night I would have gotten Sam up to level 5 and then I could have unlocked his poison daggers! Nuts!


I had a really stressful day at work yesterday, so I slept super late today. I am happy to report however that last night I passed the She-Lobs Lair level with Sam. Thats the level where you crawl around in a cave fighting spiders. So you know I really enjoyed that. And dad, I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I think I'll be able to defeat the Fields of Pellenor level now that I have Rivendell arrows for Aragorn!

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