Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ok, here

Here's a listing of Disney acronyms-

Bear in mind, I have never heard most of the used in conversation. Mostly they are for written use. Of course there are alot of ones that I would never use at all like '101' (ride unavailable), so I can't comment on them.

Acronymns (Or, A)

Sorry, I forgot not everyone is hip to the Disney lingo.
If you know anything about Disney operations, you know they are mad for acronyms. The only two that are ever really actually used in conversation are-
CP- College Program. Only refers to someone who is in the program, not the program itself.
"The new CPs are training this week, thats why theres like eight people in broiler shop."

ER-Early Release. To get out of work early.
"I asked Dave if I could ER, but he said we're too busy."
"You always ER."
"I didn't know we were gonna have a conversation about this."

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