Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Very Quickly

Hmmm, I've actualyl found ten free minutes at work, might as well blow it on a few Hells Kitchen thoughts.

- I was gravely concerned at the end of Mondays episode that they were going to pull a fast one and eliminate Keith or Kevin or whatever his name is. Thus leaving us with a field of Wild Eyebrow Lady, Dippy Glasses Girl and The Other One. Which would not have been so much interesting. But no, the genius of ironic comedy survives. I seriously can't believe one of them is going to get their own restaurant. Who is putting up the money on this???

- Keith's ironic comedy genius- "It's just K-Grease and the bitches!" See, it's hilarious if you look at him my way...

- I guess Virginia didn't have to buy the others stuff on her shopping spree but she really should have gotten Keith something nicer than a six dollar crab cracker. Now that I think about it, it was actually pretty lame of her.

- I just want to say I made some awesome bruschetta and smoked chicken salad today. As K-Grease would say, they were slammin'.

Ow, my IQ.

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