Sunday, March 20, 2005


Here's some advice- If you are in a computer lab, and you get a phone call from someone in a tunnel, the correct thing to do is shout so they can hear you. Then have a long conversation about who was seen with whos ex-girlfriend. Really. Everyone around you will be really interested.

it's a small world

There was an article about the new iasm (do you have to capitalize the acronym for that? Hmm.) I guess the ride isn't being so much overhauled as gently tweaked. Fresh paint, a new queue area, and "more sensitive" costumes. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm guessing that whatever happens the Dutch people will still be wearing wooden shoes.

By the way Dad, I wouldn't worry too much about that 'Cinderrera' comment. The other day, one of the front of house girls, Stacy, was giving three of the Hong Kong girls a ride home and I asked if they were going to have a Chinese fire drill on the way. So ha ha, it's okay for me to say that, because I am, you know, a bigot.

Here's an idea

Okay, had a thought. When I get home, I can't imagine a non-Disney blog is going to be as much interest to everyone. So...I was thinking I could extend posting privileges to anyone who wanted them, and we could turn this into a family blog type deal. Of course, blogs are best for keeping in touch with people you aren't around, and most of the visitors to my site already see each other on a regular basis. So it might not be that useful. Still, anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

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