Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Had orientation yesterday. Start work today.

Orientation was pretty boring. Eight hours but at least it was paid. Apparently I'm tough to fingerprint. It took like fifteen tries to get my thumbprint to go through on the machine. Had to watch some video about the native american heritage of the area which combined old people forgetting what they were talking about with reminders of how the white man stole this land from the peace loving indians.
Standard sexual harassment video.
Video on respecting your co workers that was actually quite funny. There were portions of it that made me think "Hey..I could have written that."
Guy doing the orientation admitted that security uses devices which prevent cell phones from working on the gaming floor. Apparently don't want anyone calling Daddy to find out when he's coming home. Says it's industry standard. Like not having clocks or windows.
There was also a diversity section. The guy was talking about the differences between white and native american culture. Apparently whites are always rushing everywhere trying to get everything done. I wanted to stand up and yell "Lies! I've never rushed anywhere in my life!" Meanwhile indians like to take a laid back approach to life and wait for that perfect oppurtunity. I decide this would be a bad time to say "So...basically you're saying they're lazy?" Will have to watch my mouth.

Well, I'm a little nervous. Hope it goes well today!

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