Monday, September 19, 2005

You know, I always think I have so much to talk about on my blog, then when I sit down.....blank. I know I had two other things I was going to bring up, but damned if I can remember them now.
Hmmmm. This is gonna bug me.

Bad TV

After we came home from the dogshow last night we both headed downstairs. Gwen turns on the TV and starts watching some reality show on WE called "American Princess", which I had never heard of. Oh but I would. Because it was a marathon. Of the whole show. And we watched every episode. For six hours.
And when it was finally over, Gwen turns to me and says, "What a crappy show!"
Why yes, it was. And we watched every minute of it. Gwen later chalked that up to a dislike of flipping channels.

That Baseball Thing

This Space Left Blank :(

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