Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Couldn't I have just won the lottery?

So my new, randomly assigned, roommate is... my old roommate. Seriously, what the hell were the odds of that happening. I don't know, maybe I'm better off with the old 'Devil you know, rather than the devil you don't' but this means four months of putting up with his non-showering, horrible joke telling ass. I haven't discussed this earlier, because this is, you know, a family web site and all, but he has another, terrible habit. Just use your imagination and bear in mind that he indulges in this habit at night, when he thinks I'm asleep but I'm NOT. Urgh, I feel dirty just typing that. I'm sorry, but if you're ever wondering why I can't stand my room mate, thats it.

On a lighter note, when he found out we had been put back together, he said "Oh good, at least I know I can stand my room mate!" Would that I could say the same buddy...

No, I didn't need anyone to help me move. I brought like three things down with me. One of them, my beloved plastic E-Z Mac bowl cracked and had to be thrown away. I was really broken up over that.


Just procrastinating. I'm supposed to be moving to my new place right now.
For my address, subsitute 2307 for 1706. Everything else stays the same.

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