Tuesday, November 29, 2005


-I guess I should have been more specific when I said "the annoying family". Actually, the only family I really liked got eliminated the one time I watched the show. Which is why I can't watch that show.

-Gwen and I saw the new Harry Potter movie Sunday. I liked it pretty well. Better than the last couple at least. Though the "nice guy is really evil while the mean guy is good all along" bit is starting to wear thin. Lets call it B+. I'd have gone into A range if those darn kids would get a hair cut. I guess one of the fourth year classes at Hogwarts is "The Who: The Golden Years". I did not know looking like Pete Townsend was so important to wizardry!

-Also saw, on video, Open Water (Good pick Gwen, only the most depressing movie in the entire store....C+ for the film, D- for making me sad) and Club Dread (by the same guys who did Super Troopers...not quite as good and slow at times, but the very end is just about the funniest thing I've seen in awhile...B- overall, A+ for the ending)

-So now the Mets have Carlos Delgado and Billy Wagner, to go along with Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran. This should be the most exciting third place team in baseball!

-I was very busy today at primary job, and screwed some stuff up. But I made a really nice looking antipasto tray for a banquet tonight. So maybe it all evens out. Now I get to run to Target for a closing shift. No biggie, I'm off totally the next two days. Course, there is a ton o' crap to get done around the house. Possibly including picking up crap. Belmont is such a wuss about the snow. He's really been irritating lately. Lucky for him he's so darned cute.

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