Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hey, look on the bright side Superman. Judging from that picture, it looks like Lucys about to win that sky diving contest!

The Worst Country Music Lyrics of All Time

And thats saying alot.
I don't know the name of the song or whos sings it. It's something about comparing Heaven to aspects of daily life. Like "If heaven was a ___ it would be a ____". Its supposed to be a moving, emotional song, I think. Maybe it is, right up to a point.
A few days ago at work we were having our pre-meal meeting and this song was on the radio. We're al just standing there talking when this beaut drops-
"If heaven was a pie, it'd be cherry"
Seriously the whole meeting just stopped dead as we all looked around at eachother as if to say, "What? What did he just say?"
I mean, come on I know it's country music but hold yourself to some kind of standard.
He later almost tops that with "If heaven were a train, I bet it'd be a fast one!"

Yeah, I bet it'd be bitchin' fast.

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