Friday, May 05, 2006

Bad commercial! Bad!

This commercial runs only on Fox Sports Net I think, so I only have to see it if I'm not boycotting watching the Twins at the moment.

It's for a poker site or something,, and I don't know, a poker tournament which seems to be held in some tropical third world country or another. Look, I don't really pay close attention to the commercial.

But the golden moment comes from the narrator. "Watch the worlds best play poker by day...and chase the lifestyle by night!"

Really? The lifestyle? They were able to pay someone to say that with a straight face? "The lifestyle". Nows thats a combination of words, or even letters, that should never be strung together in such an order.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the lifetstyle seems to mainly consist of short, bespectacled men playing beach volleyball and akwardly clutching the arms of heavily made up women who look happy to just not be doing internet porn this week.

God, one of these days I wanna be laying in a hammock in my backyard, sipping an umbrella drink and take a phone call from an old friend. "Oh not much...just hanging out, chasing that lifestyle."

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