Friday, May 13, 2005

Gwen Mendyk Appreciation Day

As you all know I've been pretty sick lately. Sore throat, tooth ache, ear ache (oh good, I need to get a cavity pulled huh? Great, I can live with this for two months...). Plus, Belmont chewed my nice electric razor up, and I can't find my old Mach 3. So I've been shaving with Gwens old razor, but that hurts so much I've been stuck with a crappy goatee that wouldn't look good on a sixteen year old. Well, last night I get home. Gwen is fast asleep but after waking her up to tell her good night I go to take a shower. Waiting for me in the bathroom is a new razor, shaving gel and a bottle of ear drops. Plus a really nice card.
So I'm mkaing today Gwen Mendyk Appreciation day. Here are some favorite Gwen memories.

The saturday after my last day of school, Gwen told me that she had to work. But when I woke up that morning she told me that she really didn't. She had planned a day together topped of with a trip to The Melting Pot a fondue resteraunt in St Paul.

The time she was telling me the Knock Knock joke about that bannana but she kept saying orange instead, and refused to admit she had it wrong.

One time when I went to visit her in Winona she had just gotten back from eating lunch with her dad. But she had picked me up a taco salad with no tomatoes, light lettuce and extra cheese. Just how I like it.

Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? Fo' drizzle! ("Our" joke)

Gwen valiantly trying to get Belmont to speak. No matter how long she tries, he just doesn't get it.

Anyway, you should all say something nice about Gwen in the comments, because she deserves it!

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