Saturday, June 03, 2006

I wish I had a camera

Blogging from work where I just spent a good hour building a "very VIP" cheese tray for 100. This is probably my favorite thing to do at work, because it gives you the biggest sense of accomplishment when finished. I'd describe it to you, but that just wouldn't be the same. It does include, along with the standards like sharp cheddar and Swiss, pepper jack, Havarti, brie, gouda mini baybell and various grapes, strawberrries, raspberries, mint leaves, hard boiled egg slices and lemon peel flowers. I'm also just realizing I forgot to put any Port Salut on it. Damn, I'm out of space on there too.

My folks will be coming up tonight to celebrate my birthday with Gwen and I. It's tomorrow actually, but things just worked out better this way. And yes, I'll be working on my birthday. Asking for it off just doesn't seem as important anymore. Now that I'm soooo old.

What am I gonna be? 27? I think thats right.

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