Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Who are all these people?

For the sake of being able to just drop the names of people I interact with, without having to explain who the hell they are. Yes, this list will be hilariously outdated in a month, I don't care.

Ryan- My roommate. Basically a nice guy, but if you stand up next to him you can see chunks of grease in his hair. Also, he sleeps in his clothes. I think he's afraid to undress when I'm in the room. But like I said, a nice guy...with a horrendous sense of humor.

John- Lives in bedroom 3. Mildly autistic. He has some peculiar habits, some of which frankly, are really annoying. But now I feel guilty enough, and he is a really nice guy.

Chuck- Johns roommate. I know nothing about him. So...I will prolly never mention him here.

Keith- Lives by himself in Room 1. I've seen maybe twice so far. He's getting stuck with a roommate next week, but he's apparently tried hard to make his room non-cohabital. I feel sorry for whoever it's gonna be. Actually, I hope its someone who wears an upside down and backwards visor.

Nicole- She went to Brown too, and checked in the same day as me. Her main use is that she always seems willing to do things, like go to parks or the grocery store. Cause otherwise she's kinda flighty and annoying.

Amber- She was in my class at Brown. She's only here three months cause her husband is coming home from Iraq then, and they're deploying to Germany. Is deploying the right word there?

Nina- Ambers ghetto-tastic roommate. Nice.

Scott- One of my bosses at work. Really the only one I've met so far. I consider him my boss because he gave me my voucher coupon for the cafeteria.

Seth- I've actually only hung out with him once. I just mention him cause there's a guy back in ACACIA name Wes who looks just like him. And "Seth" is how you would say "Wes" if you had a really great speech impediment.

There's also an apartment of girls right below me, some of who are from Minnesota that are pretty nice. They've invited me over twice to watch TV. But I still think of them as one monlithic unit. If I ever discern any individual personality maybe I'll sort them by name.

I suppose I'll add more people as I meet them. Unless I get sick of this, in which case you can just guess who I'm talking about.


At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, this is your father. I have to do this anonymously because I can't remember our user name or password. Other than that that, I think I pretty much have this figured out. It's nice to see you mentioning Disney parks and such in your installments. I think a lot of people have been waiting for that. Now me, I've been waiting for the money you owe me, but that's a different story. Have you tried using the pictures I loaded at yet? If it works for you, I have many more ready to go. I'm only here to help.
Well, good luck and stuff.
Your father

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Ben said...

I tried using the pictures once, but it didn't seem to work...maybe I will try some other things, Iprobably wasnt doing it right...

P.S. When my financial aid check gets here...


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