Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hey now

Dad, I don't want you to deprive the world...or at least the .000000000000000001% of it that reads my site your thoughts on my A-List post. If you have a long post, I suggest pasting it into Word beforehand. That way it can easily be reposted if something goes wrong.

Dad- Re: Nicknames

Yeah, I always saw Sixto Lecanzo on Old Time Baseball. I was really disapointed to learn he wasn't a guy with six toes, his name really was Sixto.

Well, there's always Buttercup Dickerson and Wimpy Quinn.
And Fournose Jackson.


The Twins 40-man roster includes both a Boof and a Corky. Which, I am informed is a major leauge first. I just hope they all get a chance to make the team, along with Terrible Terry Tiffee. Oh man, we would have the coolest names ever.

UPDATE: I forgot! We have an Augie too!!

Whats Hapenning May 5th?

May 5th is the day I understand that new stuff will be opening at all WDW parks for the Happiest Celebration on Earth. That by the way, is the big-ass celebration for the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. It will run for 18 months at which time it will be taken over by whatever else is up for anniversary. Maybe the ten year anniversary of Blizzard Beach, which will then take the title of biggest celebration in Disney History.
In any case, every Disney park is getting something new. Here's whats on tap for WDW-

Magic Kingdom- Well the big thing is that it's a small world is opening back up. No idea on what has been done to it exactly, although the rumor is that it has been made completely p.c. So no more grinning eskimoes I guess. From now on, eskimoes can only be portrayed as the dour bastards they are.

EPOCT- Get's 'Soarin, a hang glider simulation type dealy thing that they have in Disneyland. I'm told it's cool?

MGM Studios- Lights, Cameras, Cars Stunt Show. As my tour guide on the Backstage Movie Tour said "It will feature cars....eplosions....lots of cars....if you really like cars I think you'll like it." Do I like cars?

Animal Kingdom- They get something called Lucky the Dinosaur. Its an animatronic dinosaur that walks around interacting with people. Time magazine called it one of the coolest inventions of the year...for what its worth. Well, it will have a long way to go to overcome that potted plant that goes around talking to people!

All other Disney parks are getting stuff too. I know Paris is getting a completely overhauled Space Mountain which will be more like a modern thrill ride. Also Hong Kong Disneyland will open. And did you know Disney is in negotiation with the Russian government to open a new park outside of Moscow? Viva la capitalism!

No Buffalo Wild Wings

Just for the heck of it I applied yesterday for a managment position with Buffalo Wild Wings, that I didn't really want and wasn't qualified for anyway. And so far they are the first to respond, telling me in an e-mail from "Letter" that they had no openings for someone with my qualifications. Well, nuts. Not that I really care. I hate the way they nickel and dime you when you eat there anyway. Its a wonder they don't charge for napkins.

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