Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Here's a tip

I went to MGM today. Had some time to kill and felt like riding Rock n' Roller Coaster. You know what makes that ride even better? When you first get in, sit up as tall as you can. After the restarints come down, and you move up to the waiting area, you can sit back down. Just keep pressing up on the restraint so gravity dosen't pull it down on the loops. It makes the ride a little more intense. The attendants catch me doing this about half the time, but it's worth it. What are they going to do, ban me?

Also rode ToT while I was there. Had a GREAT ride. First, the guy doing the loading was pretty good at his job. While we were waiting for the elevator he was stabbing the buttons on the control panel, whacking it on the side and muttering to himself. Funny, maybe you had to be there.
Then, during the actual drop portion, we briefly bottomed out in front of what looked like some kind of equipment room. There was this faint blue light flashing and you could hear the little girl doing the "It's raining its pouring" song. Creepy.

Call for lists

By the way, if anyone has a list of their own they'd like to put up, either e-mail it to me, or post it in a comments section and I'll put it on the main page. I'm a little tapped on ideas for right now.

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