Saturday, March 04, 2006

Weekend Thoughts

- If watching a bunch of TV lately has gotten me excited for one thing it's the anticipated imminent cancellation of Conviction on NBC. Oops, I mean, it's watching "the next great drama" Conviction. I can only wonder who the ballsy TV exec is that was willing to greenlight a show about, buckle yourself up now, young lawyers in the big city! Actually, I feel like I may have seen ads for this show before....somewhere....

(Announcer) "On America's next great drama....Lawyer is back....but this time, Lawyer has a new hat!"

(Me) "Wait, this is the exact same damn cliched legal drama we've all seen a million times before. You just put a cheap plastic hat on Lawyer."

"Yes. But...Lawyer has a new hat."

Oh wait, no, they're young lawyers. Well, that should hook me. Cancelled!

- On the subject, I am pretty jacked to see that Top Chef show that's coming out soon on Bravo. Why can't I get more TV like this?

- Bible verses that weren't- Jesus: "Why are all you supposedly hard working people following me around, singing and shouting 'hey'? Shouldn't you be working at your jobs?"

Ok, maybe six people will know what that meant. But that's like, half my readership!

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