Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Last Word on Harold Dieterle (For Now)

Checked out my statistics and just under 200 different people visited the site yesterday pretty much smashing the previous record, whatever the hell that was. And, it's basically all due to Dieter-mania. So, let me tell you what I know about what you want to know.

- I don't think he's gay but regardless, the man said he's in a relationship. Come on, give the guy some room here.

- He works, or worked, at the Harrison Restaurant in New York City. No I haven't been there do I look like a millionaire.

- I think he smokes.

- No idea where he went to school. I'm betting it was somewhere better than I did.

- I don't know if he and Stephen are lovers, and I don't want to be asked that anymore.

- Not an answer, just a statement. Harold seems to be really popular in Virginia. I reliably get more hits on my page from Virginians searching for Harold info than from anywhere else. Huh.

- Fast Fact: If I never talk about Harold Dieterle again, it will be too soon.


Know what I forgot to watch last night? Yeah, Top Chef. So thanks alot for blowing it for me Jen!!
Of course I did remember to watch Elliot get eliminated on American Idol. So Dave is gone? Well, I knew that would happen. And it's Bravo, so they'll replay it like, fifty times today alone.
Yes, they will bend the rules of time to replay an hourlong show fifty times in a day.

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