Thursday, January 13, 2005

People I know

Here's info on a couple more people I know

Elaine- I hardly ever see her. She used to live across the hall from Amber, and occasionaly works at Riverside. She's the kind of person who just dosen't know when a conversation is over. She also maybe the most naive person I've ever met. The only person I know who's actually sadi the phrase "Oh golly gee!"
While cleaning up a few days ago we had this classic conversation-
(I scrubbing a bulk pot, she walks up)
"I'm really bored is there anything I can help with?"
"No, I'm good"
(I scrub for a few minutes, then cough)
"Do you have bronchitis?"
"I certainly hope not."
"I had bronchitis, but then I took medicine and now I don't."
"Great story."

Kieu- The best person ever. Kieu is this tiny (tiny!) elderly Vietnamese woman who works in the pizza shop. She's tirelessly friendly. You can always tell where she is because you'll see this cart moving towards you, with a puff of gray curly hair just visible behind it, and this shrill, heavily accented voice crying "Beep beep! Behin' you! Behin' you!"
I've never heard her call anyone by name. Younger females are all "Baby" (Ok baby, here some pasta!) Older females are "Mama". Pretty much all guys are "Daddy" (Ok daddy, you have good day now!)
My description really dosen't do her justice, but she's just adorable.

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