Saturday, May 13, 2006

Learn About Harold Dieterle

Because that's what my readers demand!

Ok, really I don't know anything more about him than you do. He does claim that he got into cooking because it was a great way to meet girls. I stand by my gay assesment. Gwen has never let me down in this department before.

FAST FACT: Harold is the least interesting reality TV contestant ever.

Saturday Notes

- Doctor appointment on Friday. Good news: My TSH levels, while still horridly high, are no longer pushing 90. Just topping 50 in fact! Ok, they should be like, 6 or something I don't really know. Increased synthroid dosage.
Also, my doctor says I'm a candidate for sleep apnea. I don't have to go to a sleep study, whatever that is (does someone watch me sleep on a sanitized white bed? Creepy) I get to take some home test on Wednesday.

- Move over Louie Anderson. I've officialy cooked for someone more famous than you. Or at least, someone more important. Or, someone that was once more important. Anyway, I probably am forbidden from dropping the names of celebrities that patronize my workplace, whether for confrences or simple hospitality (Garrison Keillor? I made his breakfast. Didn't even spit in it!) But let's just say I made dessert for a certain former Senate Minority leader (and ex-senator now) who's name rhymes with "Rom Rashcle". Shhhh. I didn't even spit in his food.

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