Friday, August 12, 2005

Bookblogging II

A few notes-

1- There are several other supporting female characters, I just can't come up with anyone else important enough to warrant POV status.

2- No children! I don't want to write from the perspective of children. I don't think there has even been a character younger than 15 yet. I suppose that will have to change at some point.

(Jen, e-mail or write here about clothes. I have some basic ideas.)

3- I'm defintily trying to stay away from copying other peoples stories. Trust me, I've made HUGE revisions from what I had concieved in the past. I'm also trying to do a little more humor than most fantasy books do. I hope that will set me apart some.

Now, I'm going to try writing some about each POV character everyday. Just so you get an idea who I'm writing about.

Tristram Pugg- Tristram Pugg is Ward Lord (an underlord to a higher ranking lord) to the Sledges of Hammerhall, the most powerful family in the land. His family won their lordship years ago, when his grandfather broke nine lances in a jousting match with the then-Lord Sledge. Hence, their family sigil is a field of nine broken lances. The Puggs are releagted to the most remote backwater of the Sledge lands. Their dominion is basically a few pig farms. Tristram has a clean house on a hill and two horses. He has many siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles living with him. He's not married because he is too busy trying to keep the family afloat financially, and besides, most of the nearby women are his sisters. Tristram has been reknowned throughout his life for his good penmanship. Doesn't make enough in local taxes to cover his tithes to Hammerhall, so he's invested in some docks and shipping in a nearby harbour town. Until they burned. Now he's being sent to court as an emmisary to earn his keep. Tristram is a good negotiator. He was a squire for awhile as a young man, til his parents suddenly died and he had to come home and take over the house. He can speak a few other languages but I don't have my notebook right now, so I couldn't tell you which ones.
Well, thats it for right now. I'll be back tomorrow.

We got furniture

Just had a couch and chair delivered for the basement. Now we have somewhere to sit and watch TV! It's starting to look like a place where people live. Well, the upstairs already looks pretty good. Oncethe wallpapering is finished, and the bookshelf stuff is unpacked. Otherwise, its all coming together.

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