Saturday, January 01, 2005

Quick List

That other list I am working on may or may not be done by the time I leave Disney World. In the mean time enjoy this suddenly slapped together ranking.

Favorite Disney Movies

10-Dumbo- You know, I haven't seen this movie in about, oh 15 years at least. But it seems to maintain a sentimental stitch in my mind, so I'll put it here.
9- The Lion King- I guess.
8-Beauty and The Beast- Did you know Jerry Orbach was the voice of the candlestick? And now he's dead.
7-Hunhback of Notre Dame- Thanks to Frollo pretty much. I barely remember the rest of the movie.
6-Aladdin- I didn't know Gilbert Gottfried was the parrot. But in retrospect, how did I NOT know that?
5-A Bugs Life- Heh, slapstick.
4-Finding Nemo- Even though Gwen and I own this on video, I still haven't been able to watch it all the way through since we saw it in the theater. We'll put it in when we go to bed, then Gwen will fall asleep around the time Nemo gets lost and I just shut it off, cuz who wants to watch a movie by themselves? Good one though.
3-Toy Story 2- Almost as good as...
2-Toy Story- "We need more monkeys!"
1-Mulan- This would actually be in my top five or six favorite movies of all time.

Ok, whaddya think?

Happy New Years... I guess

I didn't really do anything for New Years either. Thats ok. I can't even remember what day of the week it is. I'm in day five of eight straight days of work. My life dosen't really vary much from day to day, so all the days of the week kinda just run together.
We'll see what happens with my room mates. Ryan is suggesting we stick together, and I really don't know how to gracefully say that I never want to share a room with him again.
Hey, I got the pictures, good deal. So, Joseph got a car?

Also, I'll go back to the parks once they empty out. Why battle my way through a wall of strollers when I can wait a week on walk right on to Space Mountain? I have become spoiled and decadent.

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