Friday, February 11, 2005

Property Control

I keep forgetting to mention this. Since we're having Mardi Gras celebration for the staff here at Port Orleans, Property Control came to our Cast Services building Tuesday. Basically, property control collects all kinds of cloesout and minor defect items and sells them to cast members at huge discounts. Normally when they are doing their thing you have to drive out to the cast parking lot at magic kingdom and stand in line four about six hours to get in. But I noticed they had set up shop here so I checked it out.
Anyway, I picked up presents for Mom, Dad Joseph and Gwen. I spent about 15 bucks on about 65 dollars worth of stuff. My real disapointment was I was eyeing this Steamboat Willy snow globe for Jen and Jesse. But while I was looking for one that was boxed up (which didn't exist, the display was the only one left) a lady scooped it up. Missed it by like five seconds. Sorry.
Seriously, you guys would love the place.

Ha ha

HEAT lamp. Heat lamp.

And a salamander is that funny, narrow little oven that hangs above a grill. For broiling? You know?

Ok, can't talk long trying to put in progress on my resume.

Oh, I see Arthur Miller died. I always kinda liked "Death of a Salesman".

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