Saturday, July 09, 2005

We have a Pow-Wow going on at the casino this weekend. Am I the only one who thinks its odd that they call these things Pow-Wows? That just seems so...1950's cowboy TV show. I mean, I don't expect to go there and be asked to smokum big peace pipe. Or trade hell I don't know. Anyway I thought we would be crazy busy tonight but instead we were dead. Oh well. I was briefly accused of taking home my supervisors keys last night. That ended when another guy showed up and admitted he took them home. Ha!

UPDATE: And yes, I will be continuing with the Simpsons project. But starting with Season 3, it's a major investiture of time, so updates will come slowly. Hopefully more next week.

Subtle dickishness from Superman here.

If Gwen spends the next thrity years trying convoluted plots to get me to marry her, and I keep refusing, while occasionaly trying to kill her, I promise not act real surprised if she runs off and marries a mega-billionaire.
I love how Superman just assumes Lana will marry him. "Time to fall back on my Super-Safety choice!"

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