Thursday, November 17, 2005


Damn I hate the library. I'm trying to log on to the reservation computer and something is screwy, so the guy behind starts trying to do it for me, then once the screen cleared he starts logging himself in before me. I had to physically move him back to his proper place in the line. Gragh. Don't look for me to update too often here. Plus the way these keyboards sit, I feel like I've got carpal tunnel after two minutes of typing.

-How can such a dumb dog be so clever? Last night Belmont pooped on the basement rug so we wouldn't let him up onto the bed at night. So he wanders around the bedroom looking sad and forlorn, even resting his head on my arm at the side of the bed. Then for a finale, he noses open the closet, goes all the way in, turns around and sticks just his head out the door and whimpers at us patheticaly. Well, how could we resist?

- No real wedding news. Other than the rehearsal dinner will be at old Spaghetti Factory.

-I finished reading a Feast for Crows at Barnes and Noble. Hey, if they didn't want people doing that, they shouldn't have put those comfy chairs in. As far as the book goes, all I can say is DARK. It was good, I guess, but the most joyless entry so far in the series. Which, given the title, shouldn't be too much of a surprise. I hope to be able to talk a little more about it in the future.

-I'm back at Target these days. About 20 hours a week, so about 60 hours of work total. Its not bad, other than Tuesdays when I have to close. So I work 5:30-2 at Mariott, the 4-close at Target. So its about a 16 hour day. I should put my pedometer on next time. I'm curious what I would register.

-Should we ever get another dog, I'm naming it Freshy Freshington.

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