Friday, September 09, 2005

Well, I'm headed back for two more days and work, then I should have Sunday and Monday off. I hope.
In any case, I likely won't be back till Monday. So, bye.

Recurring Dreams

I don't have many recurring dreams, or dream themes. Here's the only ones I can think of-

1. Teeth falling out. I understand this one is common. Apparently it means you're worried about money, so it makes sense I would have these. Personally though I just think it means I need to go to the dentist more.

2- Flying- I can't actually. I never fly in my dreams. Sometimes I can hover by jumping up in the air and bicycling my legs, but that never seems to get me out of danger and probably makes me look dumb.

3- Stairwells- Ah, here's my real dream power. I can't fly, but I'm AWESOME at traversing stairwells (and how many times in history has that been said?) I often seem to end up at the top or bottom of one of those really long, skyscraper fire exit type stairwells. And I can either quickly get to the bottom by jumping down the middle and sort of bouncing off the rails as I go, or scramble to the top like a monkey on speed. What a weird ability to have. Still, I wish I could do it in real life. I would make an awesome delivery man.

4- And the one I had last night. Finding coins in sand. Seriously. I dreamt I was getting out of my car at a gast station and a quarter fell out of my pocket. I bent down to pick it up and saw t had fallen into a highway median divider filled with sand. I reached in to get it and kept pulling out all kinds of strange, foriegn silver coins. The really odd thing was, I remember thinkng "I've dreamt about doing this before! But now I really am pulling lots of coins out of a sandbox! Hooray!"
Well, at least my teeth won't have to fall out now.

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