Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lack of Niches

If you're wondering where I've been lately I have been spending most of my "cartooning" time over at Spamusement. Basically its a site where people submit cartoons based on spam e-mail headlines they have recieved. I've submitted a number of cartoons so far, inlcuding ripping off a few of the ones I did here, just to get myself started. Hey, they won't know it wasn't technically spam. If you check it out, I use the username 'Sykes'. Here's what people have been saying about my cartoons-

Ha Ha, Sykes that's great.

Ha! I laughed aloud at Sykes's.

hahahaha christ. what the hell

This is horrible.

The bald guys face is pretty funny.

Ha ha!! Not bad.

Well there's a surprise... I was expecting mashed potatoes.

I very much wanted the literal interpretation, and that is very much what was dealt. You win.

I never realized Spiderman was Jewish. Good comic.

I guess I'm doing ok.

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